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About Tessa Kouwenhoven

My name is Tessa Kouwenhoven-Pasmooij, MD and PhD, and TEDx speaker, with both Dutch and Australian nationality. I founded VitAll because I believe that everyone can work in a healthy manner by a combined focus on lifestyle and work. I specifically focus on the vitality and resilience of healthcare professionals and healthcare leaders.


The 'way of life' in Australia will always be a source of inspiration. It is my second home country, where part of my medical training took place, including at the Royal Flying Doctors' Service. Here it became clear to me how space in every sense contributes to personal direction and lust for life. I combine my Australian inspiration and Dutch innovative strength in everything I do.

Health is our foundation

My extensive experience as a company doctor(physician) in both academic and peripheral hospitals in the Netherlands, made clear to me what disease and work mean to people. Health is the foundation of our existence and the impact of disease is enormous. For a patient, disease is more than the loss of health. It also means the loss of future perspective, self-confidence and social well-being. It feels like a cumulation of losses, not just to the person with the disease but also for his or her loved ones.

For healthcare

My insights were sharpened when disease also struck within my own family. This has ensured that, more than ever, I wish for everyone to be and remain optimally well, both at work and beyond. I do my utmost to prevent disease and to minimize the great loss for those affected by disease. I focus specifically on healthcare organisations and workers, so that they can maintain their passion and contributions for healthcare.

Preventive, proactive and creative

Lifestyle medicine is gradually proving itself. In my practice I believe in more attention to lifestyle. People feel better, more energetic and regain control of their own health and work. I do this based on twenty years of practical experience and my doctoral thesis PerfectFit@Work. I focus on both the individual and the work environment for the synergy between both. My coaching style is preventive, proactive and creative. If needed, I use my extensive network. I stay away from the vitality hype, go off the beaten track and prefer a sustainable approach.

I mostly work in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and visit customers and partners riding my VitAll bicycle.

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