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Top-fit employees are needed for your organization to perform at the highest level. In today's society this is difficult. As many as one in three people in the western society has a chronic lifestyle related condition, and this number is still increasing. 80% of cardiovascular disease is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle; we don’t have enough physical exercise, we eat too much and too fat, we are sleep deprived, and always stressed. This can change!

I am surprised that not all companies consider keeping their people healthy as their top priority. Many companies 'should do something about health', but do not know how… what actually works? for whom?, and when?

Work and lifestyle work in synergy. By a combined focus on a healthy work environment and a healthy lifestyle, we optimize vitality and resilience. People are sensitive to their social and physical environment. Within the work setting there are unique possibilities for prevention through work and lifestyle!

VitAll focuses on:

  • Preventing workers from getting lifestyle related diseases and sick leave by a combined focus on work and lifestyle
  • Keeping workers optimally employable despite an illness or disability


VitAll aims for healthy workers by a combined focus on work and lifestyle. For healthcare professionals and healthcare leaders


For healthcare professionals

Healthcare workers show a relatively high number of sick days. Almost all healthcare organizations in the Netherlands report similar numbers: high workload and high absenteeism. In 2019, the average absenteeism due to illness in the Netherlands was 4.3 percent. In healthcare, that percentage is no less than 5.7 percent, making the healthcare sector the top of the list of sectors with the highest absenteeism rate. The (Covid 19) corona epidemic has made it even more visible how important it is for our healthcare professionals to stay vital and resilient.

In general, we tend to respond passively to disease symptoms. We wait for people to get sick and we then act upon it. But once a person is sick, a lot of damage has already been done. The way back to recovery is difficult, slow and expensive, for both employer and the sick person. A proactive approach helps.

For Healthcare Managers

Managers in healthcare organizations have sleepless nights… How do I ensure sufficient staffing during the day and at night? How do I get a replacement? How do I prevent patient safety from being compromised? How do I ensure that we remain or become an organization with a pleasant work culture? It is an ongoing challenge. Healthcare leaders are the backbone of the organization. How do you, as a healthcare leader, stay vital and resilient?